Credit Card & Banking Fraud

There has been a sharp rise in credit card and banking fraud due to the dramatic increase in the consumer’s reliance on online transactions, together with storage of credit card details online.  

Fraud invariably involves using illegal means to obtain money from the Bank or its clients including property and assets. Banking fraud can be carried out in many ways including card payment fraud, stealing credit card details, counterfeit cards, counterfeit cheques and the compromising of internet banking.

It is easy to become unwittingly involved in illegal transactions resulting in false allegations of fraud being made.

Due to advanced technology it is easier for personal information to be compromised from credit or debit cards, which is then stolen and used to buy goods or obtain unauthorised funds.  

Credit card fraud also occurs in the following circumstances:-

  • Skimming/cloning off the information which is held on the magnetic strip of the card by a PIN entry device within the payment or cash machine. 
  • Making a false application for a credit card
  • Fraudulently applying for a credit card by way of identity theft

With the increase of online banking, it is now easier for identities to be compromised. Those accused of fraud are often individuals whose legitimate bank accounts have been used to house the proceeds of the credit card fraud. In addition to being accused of money laundering they are often accused of being part of the agreement to commit the original fraud when they had no knowledge of any dishonesty.

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All our serious casework is led by a director with who you will have direct contact. If you are being investigated or have been charged with credit card or banking fraud it is important not to delay. Contact us and you will receive immediate expert advice from an experienced fraud defence lawyer.