With Cunninghams Solicitors there are a range of funding options available for your defence.

Free Initial Advice:

If you are the subject of a fraud enquiry, investigation or prosecution contact one of our specialist team for free initial advice about your case. We can also discuss with you the most appropriate way of funding your defence.

Legal Aid:

In most cases before the Crown Court you will still be entitled to legal aid despite your income and your assets, although in some cases you may have to pay a contribution to your legal aid. We can advise you in detail as to how you stand. In the most serious allegations of fraud, only a small number of firms that are members of the VHCC (Very High Cost Case) Panel can defend clients under the Legal Aid scheme. Our firm is one of these. Legal Aid is also available for representation during interview at the police station. Again, this is available irrespective of your means, however there are certain restrictions applied and in some cases clients prefer to pay privately for police station representation.


Many business insurance policies and indeed personal or household policies for insurance can provide cover for legal fees as a result of a criminal investigation or prosecution. We would advise you to check the terms of any policies that you may have so that we can properly advise you as to the most appropriate method of funding your case. We are happy to go through your policy with you and advise you on what is covered.

Private Retainer:

There are certain instances where legal aid is not available. This applies to most investigations or proceedings before a regulatory body. Some clients prefer to fund their case privately in order to ensure the availability of a particular lawyer or expert. For example, representation by Kings Counsel (KC) is not always available under legal aid. Our fees are always competitive and we are happy to discuss these with you and if necessary arrange a payment plan.