Fraudulent Trading

Fraudulent trading can cover a wide range of scenarios involving both businesses and individuals and can affect those who find their businesses failing or in financial crisis.  It is common for a company which has been wound up and/or failed to be charged with offences, but the question is whether the individuals have been naïve in their business dealings or if there has been some dishonesty. 

Businesses may have got into financial difficulties but continued to trade despite this, knowing that they could not pay their creditors, often hoping that they can sort the problems out. The question will be whether they have carried on for trading for too long and if so they could be charged with fraudulent trading.  

S993 Companies Act creates offences which mean the prosecution will have to prove that they carried on their business intending to defraud the company’s creditors, as they knew that ultimately they could not pay.  It is also an offence to conduct a business for a fraudulent purpose, and every party who had knowledge about that could also be committing an offence, including employees.  

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is responsible for many such investigations and will often will seek a winding up order and disqualification proceedings to ensure the offending Directors cannot operate companies again.

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