Complex Crime

If you have been accused of a serious crime it is absolutely  essential to retain the services of an expert solicitor at the earliest opportunity to protect your legal interests and position from the outset.

Our solicitors are experienced in identifying  the issues at the earliest possible time and being proactive in the preparation of a clients case.  We at Cunninghams take pride in providing the client with a robust, vigorous and effective defence using all means at our disposal to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Serious and complex cases

Offences of this nature include murder, serious drug related mattes and sexual offences which often attract if convicted lengthy custodial sentences. It is essential in such cases to engage a legal team such as ours who have years of experience in guiding our clients through the complicated legal issues and processes involved in such matters and thereby diminishing any clients’ anxiety in their time of difficulty. We have experience also in managing media interest to shield and protect our clients from intrusive enquiry.

At Cunninghams we have a wealth of experience in dealing with high profile nationally recognized criminal cases which have received extensive national media coverage. We provide a guiding hand throughout the legal process from investigation to trial if necessary. Many cases benefit from the introduction of an experienced legal team at the earliest opportunity to prevent if possible a case from even proceeding to charge and court.

We would refer you to our case studies page in which some of the cases which we have dealt with are detailed and outlined.

Cunninghams are regularly asked by clients to take over their case from Solicitors that they have previously instructed. This can happen at any stage of an investigation or prosecution.

There can be many reasons for this. Their existing solicitor may feel that for professional reasons they can no longer continue to represent their client, they may no longer feel that they have the necessary expertise or they may no longer be allowed to represent their client in respect of a particularly serious case because they are not members of the VHCC panel. In some cases, a client’s relationship with their solicitor has simply broken down, or they have lost complete confidence in their solicitor’s ability to represent them properly. Some clients feel that transferring representation will be an awkward, embarrassing or difficult process, and for cases which are publicly funded there are strict criteria which must be present before a case is transferred to another solicitor.

At Cunninghams we are used to dealing with such enquiries and can reassure clients that any transfer of their case will be smooth, free of embarrassment and always in their best interests.

Operating nationwide from our bases in the City of London and central Manchester Cunninghams are leaders in defending those accused of serious fraud and complex crime and are consistently ranked as a leading practice in these fields in all guides to the UK legal profession. Specialising in this work for over 30 years has resulted in an enviable network of experts, forensic accountants, QC’s and senior barristers to draw upon as we tailor our clients bespoke defence team

All our serious casework is led by a director with who you will have direct contact. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a serious crime it is important not to delay Contact us and you will receive immediate expert advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Our initial advice is always free of charge, Contact Us on 0800 32 888 46 or make an on-line enquiry.